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Mindset, Marketing and Behavior Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

Hey lady, do you feel super-guilty about taking time for yourself?

Or consider it a total waste of your precious time?

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Hi! I’m Natalie.

A mindset coach and founder of Her Habits.

I work with high-achieving women business owners like you, who WANT IT ALL, NOW.

Only problem is, there are a few things that still trip you up when it comes to stepping into your full potential.

Your KNOW you were put on this earth to be an entrepreneur and are seriously grateful to have the freedom, autonomy and luxury to serve with all your heart...

But despite telling your friends and colleagues, I’m fine, on the inside you’re having an epic internal battle that keeps you feeling like a total fraud that prevents you from taking action.

Or maybe you think, I’ll take better care of myself when ______.

You’re a smart woman.

You know that’s not a killer long-term strategy.

And you’re tired of white knuckling’ through your day being glued to your laptop and obsessing over every detail.

I help hard-working women like you loosen your grip, and learn how to actually enjoy the journey.

Regardless of…

  • your schedule or lack of time

  • the amount of clients you have have (or don’t)

  • Your kiddos, pets or clients YOU have (or don’t)