Pros Hire Pros: Why Hiring Your Complimentary Flavor is Worth it.

A couple years ago, I was on a clarity intensive call with Steph Crowder, to get clear on my content for the next 6-months.

I don’t recall specifically what we discussed, but I do remember thinking I loved the way her brain worked. The way she took my big-vision verbal vomit and turned it into a cohesive road-map on the fly… it was like witnessing a miracle.

Around the same time, I was introduced to Sheila Franzen, who had been referred to me for some freelance design work. I was telling her how I LOVED the front end of the branding process – the strategizing on the big-vision, mapping out the content and visuals, as well as scanning every opportunity to edit and make it better. 

BUT, that when it comes to executing those systems and processes, my brain is like, NOPE! That’s boring as hell!

I about fell off my stool when Sheila told me she didn’t really enjoy the front end – but totally geeks out on making those systems and funnels work on the back end.

I honestly thought, she must be lying!

There can’t be someone who loves to do what I dread doing, right?!

As a small business owner or freelancer, sometimes the most PRO move you can make is to find an expert that really compliments your badassery.

Once you find them, find a way to incorporate their services into yours! OR consider hiring them to do what – lets be honest – you aren’t that great at

These days, if I build a website, Sheila comes along with the package.

The combination of our offers is a super high-quality service that can only come from two PROs.

Like good bread and olive oil, or beer and pizza – Sheila and I are a power couple of complimentary flavors. 

BUT, IF you’re a pro, watch out for this roadblock:

Just because it’s easy for you, doesn't mean it isn’t super valuable for others.

Because it’s so easy for us, we tend to undervalue it. 

Which means you should be charging MORE, not less.

Yes YOU. 

Speaking of PROs, here are just a few of the pros I’ve hired recently.

Stef Crowder as well as Jessica Castle each have their own kind of mad scientist way of taking a big-vision and mess of ideas and turning them into a polished roadmap – complete with an organized Google Doc! (#allmydreams)

Mimi Bishop has an amazing ability to consume the mess of ideas in your brain and turn it into your polished elevator pitch in plain language. (See a theme here?)

And of course my business coach, Stacy Hartmann is THE Queen Bee Marketing, Funnel & Energy PRO. 

If you think, “YEAH BUT, I’m stubborn… I’ll do it myself.”

  • First of all, we’ve all heard, take imperfect action, so great job that you took the initial action to get it done.

  • Now that you’ve taken the first step, consider that by hiring a PRO to do an element of your service (like editing your super-long videos or podcasts, or shooting your product photos or getting a done-for-you marketing or brand roadmap) is going to be 10x better than anything you could do, ideally with MUCH less effort on your end.

  • Do you really want to do a mediocre job for you AND your clients just to save a few bucks?

Yes, working with, and hiring a pro, requires TRUST. 

  • TRUST that other PROs are there, just like you, who value expertise over cheap labor.

  • TRUST that you’re setting an example by investing in the way you’d like your business and life to run – each of us getting to play in our zone of genius.

Pro relationships should feel like a WIN WIN. There’s a mutual love and respect. I see a wonderful community of pros supporting pros. Pros referring pros.

Remember, energy attracts energy, so pro services attract pro clients. 

Hiring and partnering with other pros is the best thing we can do for ourselves, our clients, and our fellow experts.

It’s an opportunity to offer a professional experience, even if we can’t do it ourselves.

Natalie Biesel