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Mindset, Marketing and Behavior Tips for Women Entrepreneurs


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Mindset School for Entrepreneurs

Mindset School is for big-hearted, creative business owners like you who want to stop beating your head against the wall and finally step into the successful entrepreneur you know you were meant to be.

Hi! I’m Natalie, a mindset and energy coach for high-achieving business owners like YOU, who WANT IT ALL.

Only problem is, there are a few things currently preventing you from fully stepping into your big vision. (Spoiler alert: It’s YOU.)

You know you were put on this earth to be an entrepreneur, but even though you tell your friends and colleagues you’re fine, on the inside you’re having an epic internal battle that keeps you feeling small, afraid and isolated.

This creates A TON of resistance and prevents you from taking the bold steps forward to run your business like a bad-ass CEO instead of a frightened kitten.

Whether it be negative thoughts, beliefs or worn-out patterns that don’t serve you, you’re more than ready to say goodbye to these obstacles because you’re determined to reach your goals and you won’t settle for anything less.

That’s where I come in.

At the Mindset School we’ll create a custom, bite-sized strategy aimed directly for your goals, including removing the blocks, excuses or worn-out stories in your way.

Finally start enjoying the journey.

As a result of our time together, you’ll have enough time, energy and confidence to run a thriving, profitable business with plenty leftover for guilt-free play.

Do You:

  • Worry and obsess about HOW and WHEN your business will finally take off?

  • Constantly doubt or fear that this will actually work?

  • Check LinkedIn daily, ya know, just in case?

  • Struggle to believe it’s possible for you – despite evidence and proof all around?

Many women business owners I know have one helluva roadblock to success: Themselves

Some have even said, it’s really not a lack of knowledge, but FEAR of judgment or failure that keeps them frozen in inaction.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone at ALL.

  • Imagine going from doubting your every move in isolation, to having support and guidance along the way

  • Imagine waking up each morning, unbelievably grateful you get to work in your zone of genius, and no longer your zone of excellence

  • Visualize looking at your calendar and seeing it full of your ideal clients

  • Imagine waking up, excited to get to work, knowing your service will change the world for the better

  • Consider all the lives you could benefit if you confidently got more yeses on sales calls from your new found inner calmfidence

  • Imagine how unlimited you’d feel knowing you made your vision a reality and bank account to prove it

Where we control the most is where we trust the least.
—  Brandon Alter

That’s why the Mindset School can be so powerful. It takes you from feeling like you’re holding on tight, praying for overnight success to feeling excited about the sustainable progress you’ve made from all the bite-sized actions and support.

Not to mention, in a way that’s aligned with YOU, YOUR strengths and at YOUR pace.



Mindset School for Entrepreneurs is a 12-week, one-on-one private coaching experience with bi-weekly (4 calls a month) that allow you to get out of your head, move through your fears and step up.


We’ll kick off Mindset School
by Assessing Your Big Vision

  • Where do you want to go?

  • Who do you want to be?

  • What to do want to create and what on earth is preventing you from doing that?



Mental & Physical Cleanse

  • It’s imperative to get all the clutter and negative shit out of your brain before you can make room for abundance.

  • In this phase, we’ll declutter EVERYTHING that’s not working from your physical space to negative thoughts, beliefs and habits.



Planting seeds for growth

  • Once we’ve created space you can start planting seeds of your future. This is where the tiny, bite-sized habits will be implemented in a way that sets you up for long term success.


What can you expect in Mindset School? (Hint. It starts and ends with you.)


  • Feel like a better version of you

  • Leave with a simplified, more organized version of your life (More of what’s important, less of what’s not.)

  • Learn to lighten up and enjoy the journey

  • Be SO grateful for making your vision a reality

  • Be more focused and really present with your loved ones

Mindset School was created from all the lessons I’ve learned the hard way over the decade + on the entrepreneurial journey. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel here.

It’s designed to take you from overthinking and not believing your dreams are possible, to moving forward anyway in a sustainable, life- and soul-affirming way.

As a Result

  • You’ll feel a huge sense of relief knowing you asked for help now, instead of years down the road

  • You’ll move forward knowing in your gut you’re on the right path

  • The soul-sucking tasks and obligations will be off your plate, and you’ll have more time and energy and focus than you dreamed possible

    Investment is 3 payments of $497

If you’re serious about transforming your life and business, and you’ve been looking for a guide to help get you through, apply for Mindset School today by hitting the Let’s Chat button below.