Guilt-Free Self Care


Build Your Dream Biz.

Feel Good While Doing It.


Hey lady, do you:

  • Want it ALL? and Want it RIGHT NOW?

  • Worry and obsess about when (or if) your business will finally take off?

  • Struggle to stay focused during non-business related conversations?

  • Struggle to stay consistent with the things you KNOW are non-negotiable? Like exercise?

Not trying to bum you out, but when it comes to building your dream business, neither killing yourself or burning out WILL GET YOU TO YOUR DREAMS ANY FASTER.

And it certainly won't make the ride any fun!

OR, even worse – You’re gonna hate it, and then call it quits.

And we can NOT have you quitting your dreams!

Not to mention, you’re way too stubborn for that!

Regardless if you believe me or not, you deserve way better!

If this sounds like you, you need some Guilt-Free Self Care.

Guilt-Free Self Care is for crazy-driven business owners with huge hearts who have gotten in the habit of giving 1000% to their businesses – and 0% to themselves.

They're seriously on a mission to make this whole thing happen, and have gotten into some bad habits that they're smart enough to know aren't sustainable.

Naturally, this creates a ton of resistance – like weights holding you down from taking the bold steps forward, preventing you from running your business like the calmfident CEO you were meant to be.

Say Adios to What’s Not Serving You

Whether it be the crappy thoughts, worn-out habits or beliefs that don't serve you, or a super noisy inner-critic, you're more than ready to say buh-bye to these roadblocks in your way, because you're determined to go for your dreams and won't settle for anything less.

That's where I come in.

You CAN (and Will) Build Your Dream Biz!

We just want to make sure you’re not choosing the path covered in trip-wire and thorn bushes!

Regardless of what you’ve been told, that’s NOT the only path!!

Stop Obsessing and Start Enjoying the Journey

  • As a result of our time together, you'll have enough time, energy and calmfidence to run a thriving, profitable and sustainable business, with plenty leftover for guilt-free play.

  • You'll step into that powerful, confident leader – the CEO version of you – without sacrificing your health, relationships or sanity.

Do You:

  • Feel like you're on a hamster wheel you can't get off?

  • Constantly doubt this will actually work?

  • Check LinkedIn daily, ya know, just in case?

  • Think you're gonna lose everything if you loosen your grip?

Many women business owners I know have one helluva roadblock to success: Themselves.

Some have said, it's really not a lack of knowledge, but FEAR of doing it wrong being judged, or all out failing that keeps them stuck.

They've learned 'the struggle bus,' is the only way forward.

I'm here to tell you, it's NOT!

We risk something far more valuable than our productivity in keeping at a hurried pace: Life. Real Life. Rich, meaningful, cultivated life.
— Kate Northrup

  • Imagine waking up each morning, unbelievably grateful you get to work in your zone of genius and not some crappy, evil corporation

  • Imagine going from feeling like a total control freak to waking up and feeling: Calm. Rested. Rejuvenated. Relaxed.

  • Imagine how you’d show up each day after feeling fully-recharged on a full night’s sleep and a super fun dinner with your fam

  • Consider all the lives you could impact if you confidently got more yeses on sales calls from your new found inner calmfidence

  • Imagine how grateful you'd feel knowing got your ‘you time' back on track, without the universe throwing a serious health scare in your plate

  • Visualize looking at your calendar and seeing it full of your ideal clients AND plenty of time penciled in just for you

Where we control the most is where we trust the least.
—  Brandon Alter


Look, I know you're busy.

Guilt-Free Self Care is a 12-week, bi-weekly one-on-one private coaching experience for high-achievers like YOU.

Since self care is NOT ‘one size fits all, the 30-minute, bi-weekly calls are designed to get you out of your head and action – Finally taking baby steps towards the very best version of you.


We'll kick off our time by Assessing the Big Vision so we're Crystal Clear

  • Where do you want to go?

  • Who do you want to be?

  • What to do want to create and what on earth is preventing you from doing that?

  • How do you want to feel along the way?



Making Room for Goodness

  • It's super-important to get all the clutter and negative shit out of your brain and physical space before you can make room for what's to come

  • Therefore, in this phase, we'll declutter EVERYTHING that's not working for YOU – Whether it be negative thoughts, beliefs, old habits or your physical space.

  • This creates all the yummy SPACE for your the next version of you



Planting Seeds for Growth

  • Once we've got clean slate, now we can start planting seeds of your future

  • This is where tiny, bite-sized habits will be implemented in a non-overwhelming way, setting you up for long term, sustainable growth


What can you expect in Guilt-Free Self Care? (Hint. It starts and ends with you.)


  • Leave with a simplified and organized version of your life, so your days are filled with more of what's important (FUN. JOY. PLAY) and less of what's not (STRESS. OVERWHELM.)

  • Learn to lighten up and relax, so you can start finally start enjoying the journey

  • You’ll show up each day as a great example to your loved ones, now that you’re more focused and present than ever

  • Feel like the BEST version of YOU, which, as it turns out, is THE best candidate to create the life and business you deserve

  • BE FULL to the brim of self-love for making your dreams a reality while being in integrity to yourself

Guilt Free Self Care was created from the ashes all the lessons I've learned the hard way over the nearly 2 decades.

I went from a miserable corporate employee with very little time for myself, to being a full-time entrepreneur.

Now that I take taking around 60-minutes a day before starting my work day, I feel the best I've ever felt. But it took me a couple years of daily practice to get to that!

Seeing what the impact of daily self-care has made on my mood, happiness and mental health has been nothing short of miracle.

And YES, Even YOU, Can & Will Feel Better, Too!

  • By getting rid of those soul-sucking tasks and obligations off your plate you'll have more time and energy for the things that really matter, like your kids, pup, friends, spontaneous trips

  • Most importantly, you can be TRULY present for life

If you're tired of the grind and want more peace and joy in your life, Sign Up for Guilt-Free Self Care TODAY.

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