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Mindset, Marketing and Behavior Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

Ready to go for your big vision, but keep getting in your own way?

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Hi! I’m Natalie.

A habits expert, entrepreneur and founder of Her Habits.

I work with smart, huge-hearted, creative visionaries like YOU.

You KNOW you were put on this earth to ‘go big or go home,’ and are seriously grateful to have the luxury to do so...

But despite telling your friends and colleagues you’re fine, on the inside you’re having an epic internal battle that keeps you feeling stuck, small or like a fraud.

This prevents you from taking the bold, brave action you KNOW is required to DO this thing – in REAL WAY, that’s true to YOU.

This hesitation fuels your inner critic, who is *REAL* harsh.


Which Does. Not. Help.

I hear you, lady!

And you’re not alone.

Despite what marketing gurus out there tell you, it is 100% possible to go for your dreams – At your own pace on your own terms.

Without losing yourself in the process.

And that’s exactly what I help you to do.

After all, you’re a smart woman. A visionary. A creative.

You’re determined to go for the GOLD and won’t settle for anything less.

And you’re tired of efforting’, people-pleasing your face off and obsessing over every detail.

I help creatives get out of their own way, so they can go for the big vision AND make money from their art.

At your own pace.

On your own terms.

Regardless of…

  • your schedule or lack of time

  • the amount of clients you have have (or don’t)

  • Your kiddos, pets or clients YOU have (or don’t)